What is an architect in today’s society?

Someone who works to solve problems through built form.

What is an innovative architect?

An innovative architect is someone who can satisfy the needs of the client, both requested and implied, while at the same time creating a work that is sensitive to the environment, the site, its surroundings, etc.

How should one practice architecture?

A person should practice architecture with passion, pure and simple. Without a drive to be the best possible, architecture would not have the momentum needed for improvement.

What are the architect’s responsibilities?

An architect is responsible for a variety of things. Of course there are the essential requirements like coordinating the design and construction of a building. On top of that though there should always be more. Ethical and moral responsibilities should be considered as well. Efforts of sustainability, considerations for future building use or recyclability, the desires and needs of the client, and many other things should be on the architect’s mind. The job is rarely as cut and dry as it seems.

What or where is architecture’s laboratory?

The laboratory of an architect exists within his or her mind. It is the concepts and ideas that start out as little kernels in the brain, that germinate on paper and in sketches and drawings. A drawing board and a full complement of tools is not necessary to be creative. Sometimes the best ideas come at unexpected times or in unexpected ways.

How can architecture be taught today?

Architecture can by taught today through hands-on application of information. It’s not enough to study well-known buildings in a book, or learn the proper way to install flashing on a roof. That information is only information until someone takes it and applies it to the design of something new. That information then becomes architecture, as a student learns to create the best that he can using all the resources available to him. The job of the professor is to ensure that those resources are there for the student.


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