Less Visuality, More Feeling

Given a list of “less and more” kind of opposing ideas in architecture, this pair struck me as being more profound than a first glance might suggest. Less Visuality, More Feeling. To me, visuality is what an average person takes away from a building experience. Anybody not educated in the field of architecture or design will most likely only care about whether it looks “cool” or not. An architect should be concerned about much more than that. A building should do more for a person than stimulate their eyes. How a person uses and feels a building is a much more intimate design problem. Every aspect, from lighting, texture, color, materiality, scale and space, and more come into play. Holistic design should contemplate all of this. When an architect is attempting to secure a job, the client obviously needs to be impressed. The visual look of a building matters too, but it is only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. If an architect can get a person to “feel” their building beyond how it looks, that impression will last longer and be more significant than a postcard snapshot in their memory.


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