‘Corner’ Project

It is always difficult to compress ideas into so few words. Working with a project, I get to know it inside and out, having a deep understanding of what and why. Putting that knowledge into an easily digestible format is hard to do. A typical presentation is meant to solve this issue, presenting drawings, diagrams, models, and commentary on your work. Despite this, I think the following short paragraph gives a description of my current work that captures some of the core ideas of the project. Hopefully, upon seeing the images that I produce, this paragraph and the later presentation material will have the same inherent meaning and/or feeling to it.

This project explores the idea of a corner as an introspective space, working with the central core while retaining a sense of isolation. Within the context of Ball State’s campus, the Duck Pond already serves this purpose to some extent. This design account for and facilitates the existing use of the pond, while expanding the space’s potential use for meeting, contemplation, reading, and relaxing. Planar seating grounded into retaining walls intersects with the fluid movement of a curving dock; this design would create a corner on campus that has a quiet energy, quite unlike the main campus aura.


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