A Completed Corner

I found that my explorations of the work of Enric Miralles influenced this project as it evolved from the original idea. Miralles’ work was heavily grounded in the site. The Igualada Cemetary was constructed with a metaphor of the relationship between life and death, the earth and our relationship to it. The Scottish Parliament building was realized through the building’s connection to the ground of Scotland, which can be seen in Miralles’ collage.

My idea is grounded in the site around the Duck Pond on the campus of Ball State. A corner has many ideas that it can be linked to. It can be introspective or outgoing, depending on orientation. It is a connection of lines, offset from the center but still a vital part of the whole. My project was an introspective corner on the northern end of campus, linked through McKinley and the adjacent campus context.

The diagrams explain my main concept, an intersection between land and water, and the metaphorical ideas associated with that. The seating is grounded in the site, a small retaining wall supporting the wood members slanting from the earth. The planar seating arrangement is a linear composition, drawn into the ground, having a slight introspective quality as the seating angles in. The separation from the pond is explicit in a channel of water that cuts around the dock, covered by a sheet of glass to emphasize the crossing. The dock is linked to the water, just as the seating is linked to the earth. The extension of the dock is kept thin, encouraging continued movement. The sweeping curve lends a panoramic and expansive view to the scene, linking the dock to the large whole of the pond. The dock edge is also rippled; the dock dips in and out of the water, lending a greater sense of motion and activity to the curve, which completes itself in a circle, a moment and space out on the water.

The significance of this project isn’t in any large built form, but in the ideas that are expressed in the details. The site was not helpless to begin with, so my entire project can be seen as an interaction with the existing conditions of the site, complimenting and merging with it. The images below can provide a visual vocabulary, which hopefully can be seen to be strongly linked to my earlier post about my project ‘manifesto.’


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