The Estopinal Group Competition: A Manifesto

The recent redesign of Georgia Street has promoted a new downtown culture for Indianapolis. The Pan-Am Plaza has been suffering from a lack of attention, since the architecture surrounding it has done nothing to promote the plaza’s use. Our design will replace the ice rink on the north border of the plaza with a building that will both add to the variety of activity in the area and promote the use of the plaza. The program encourages a connection to the people in and around the building, and our design will use the pedestrian flow to activate the Pan-Am Plaza. The lower levels of our building will act as a pathway between Georgia Street and the plaza. Our ground level will be filled with activity, and passerby will be drawn into and through the building, guided to the plaza. A gradient of visibility on the façade will entice curiosity into a pathway running through that will connect the people, the site, and the building. The side facing Georgia Street will remain simple, while the plaza front will be reaching out, reflecting the varied program and energy both in and out of the building.


Partnering with Tony Bontrager


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